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Technology Solutions
We help innovative enterprises identify emerging innovation and technology solutions that drive efficiency and support growth and competitiveness.

Value to Corporate Partners

Global Solutions

We source from our existing relationships with our global channel partners to identify and validate qualified scaleups with excellent technical talent and market traction.

Collaborative Scoping

Using our proprietary methodology we develop corporate problems statements, stand up and project manage pilots and PoC’s to solve your problems and to help you achieve your corporate objectives.

Enterprise Scale

We work to ensure our companies offer enterprise scale solutions and invest our time and capital to provide them with the resources to further validate and scale.

Corporate Procurement Engine

We start by diving deep with our Corporate Partners to extract and refine their problem statements. We then match them with enterprise-ready solutions supplied by vetted, innovative scale-ups.

Leveraging our Collaborative Scoping process, we thoroughly explore the problem spaces, discover non-obvious solutions, design pilot projects, and project manage to ensure success.

Data-Native Venture Capital

We develop a unique relationship with our portfolio of qualified companies as we work closely with them to navigate the Canadian Immigration process, prepare to sell to North American enterprise companies and help syndicate multiple investment rounds.

We leverage these unique insights to support close collaboration between our scale ups and our corporate partners.

Partner With Us

Join us to solve your business problems with global innovative solutions.

A Canadian venture firm focused on creating opportunities in the Canadian Startup Ecosystem. We collaborate with partners to attract the best global B2B founder teams to settle in Canada.