We invest in and advise promising high-growth enterprise businesses globally, helping them to access customers, grow their businesses and fundraise from top-tier VCs in the North American market

We Are Global Citizens

We work through our existing relationships to create unique channels to identify, and validate qualified startups with excellent technical talent and market traction. 

With the support of our Designated Entity partners we will help our portfolio companies to relocate to Canada and start the next leg of their journey. 

Global Thesis

Technology adoption has allowed the globe to enter the Era of The Virtual Enterprise. Additionally, we believe great start-ups and innovative solutions are built all over the world, not only at the commerce epicentres. Geographical boarders and remote workflow processes are being redrawn.

Why Canada 

Global Market Access

14 Trade Agreements

$1.5 Billion consumers USD

$49.3 Trillion Combined GDP

200+ Languages Spoken

Investment Activity

$6.2B in Tech Investment

539 in Tech Investment Deals

$1.9B Investment in Toronto

157 Tech Deals in Toronto

High Standard of Living

3 Top Livable Cities

#4 Calgary

#6 Vancouver

#7 Toronto

We want to work with the best B2B Enterprise technology companies that want to expand their operations to North America or build a new life in Canada

Corporate Innovation

We believe in an Advanced Innovation model that deploys the Innovation Department as a spec ops team to engage the rest of the business in solutioning, validation, competitive analysis and threat mitigation – a corporate experimentation, learning and solutioning function.

We engineer scale for our portfolio companies through solving corporate problems by rapidly standing up and successfully managing pilots and POC’s.

Investment Thesis

We invest in enterprise-grade technology companies with significant and growing annual recurring revenue. These companies have gained traction in their local markets. 

Data-Native Venture Capital

We have a six-step due diligence process for all our applicants. We use state of the art data mining and analysis tools to help us make objective and consistent investment decisions, at scale. We have data relationships with our global partners to identify the most promising companies to bring to the North American market.